Adults believe being a kid is a kind of sickness; hide it if you can’t cure it. Kids don’t care. They act the way you do, and they change the world.

For those into gaming, Garry’s Mod merchandise is the way to show who you are. Still a kid inside, eager to know how it all works and how to edit it. This kind delivers great scientists, philosophers, visionaries, prophets, and leaders.

Addressing to Garry’s Mod in your appearance is the word to the wise. Geeks will get the message and appreciate; is this the audience you care about? If yes, you can represent yourself with no words. Those of your kind will see how to start a conversation. Just show them who you are with what you wear!

We cannot suggest you a working Physics Gun yet (but we’re advancing). But you can purchase:

  • Garry’s Mod T-shirts            $15

  • Garry’s Mod sweatshirts        $25

  • Garry’s Mod caps            $10

Compatible with real life physics! Adjustable position! HQ textures!

All for you to be recognized with. Wear what you are, and everyone who understands will see your creative nature. With no need to disassemble you!

Write us to inquire whether we have items of your size. Chances are we have! At least we know how to craft more.


Send us an email

Send us an email