Download & Install Garry's Mod on Windows

  • Developer: Facepunch Studios
  • Genre: Indie, Simulation
  • Version: Release
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Official link to download:

This guide will help you to get Garry's Mod effortlessly. Follow the steps below to download and install Garry's Mod for Windows.

Where u can buy game Garry's Mod for Windows

There are plenty of ways to download Garry's Mod on your PC, but the most a useful one is to buy it from Steam. Steam is a special game distribution service, that provides you with access to dozens of popular PC games. You can buy Garry's Mod there too. If you don’t have Steam yet, you can simply download and install it or go to the official Steam site. After you got the Steam app, run it and create an account to buy Garry's Mod.

How to download Garry's Mod for Windows

Once you’re logged into Steam, complete the purchase of the game. To download the Garry's Mod, you have to:

1. Choose Library to see your list of games;

2. Click on the Play button and select Yes, I have Steam in the pop-up window;

3. Select the folder to download the game;

4. The download process will start automatically.

You can pause the download of the game by clicking the Pause button if you need to continue later. After the download process of Garry's Modis complete, you can continue to install the game.

How to install Garry's Mod for Windows

Once the game has been downloaded, you don’t have to complete any other instructions. Garry's Mod is also already installed on your Windows PC. Just run the game or choose it from your Steam library and click the Play button.