How to make a Garry's Mod map

Many gamers want to learn how to make maps for Garry’s Mod, but they do not know where to look for lessons, tutorials and guides. Luckily you found our article about Garry’s Mod map creating. So, don’t retard and head straight to our simple guide on how to create a map in Garry’s Mod!

Garry’s Mod map creating guide

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game, so it requires the Steam source engine to run properly. In order to make a map, you need to download and install the source SDK from Steam. The source SDK for GMod gives you all of the tools necessary for building your first own map.

So, to start creating you will need:

  1. A Steam account with purchased Garry’s Mod game;

  2. Source SDK;

  3. Hammer map editor.

Now, when you have the needed software, follow this algorithm:

  • Double-click on the Steam icon to open it;

  • Find and click the "Tools" tab;

  • Double-click on "Source SDK" and then "Garry's Mod"

This will open up the Hammer Map Editor.

  • Click on "File" and then "New" to start a new map.

The screen of your PC will be divided into four parts: side view, top view, front view and code view. Now look at the toolbox located on the left-hand side and get familiar with the offered tools. The Selection Tool lets you select different objects to place on your map. The Magnify Tool is needed to zoom in and out of an object after selecting it. If you want a more realistic view, then click on the "Camera Tool" to change the camera to a 3D perspective.

  • Use the "Entity Tool" to place objects on your map;

  • Click on the "Creation Tool" if you want to add the original elements to your map.

After you have created elements on your map, use the "Texture Application Tool" to add textures and customize your map elements. To do this, you have to click on the "Box Tool" and now you can choose a texture from the right-hand property window. After you found the neede texture, draw the elements of your map. These elements can be customized simply by clicking and dragging your mouse button. Use textures to your rooms, doorways, walls, floors and ceilings that are on your map. Choose the required textures before adding the windows and doors.

Add design elements to your Garry’s Mod map. Use right-click on different objects on your map and then click on the "Properties" tab. You can change the colour of the object by clicking on "Brightness." Change other settings and customize everything in the "Properties" window as much as you need to make the map in your particular way. To launch and test the new game map, click on "File" and then "Run Map" to run your map. Click "OK" in the pop-up window to enable your map to be used in your GMod game.