How to fly in Garry's Mod

Ever wanted to go and fly around in the Garry’s Mod? You can do this really easy! Garry’s Mod game developers do care about their players, so they put the flying possibility to a separate key. You don’t even need to activate cheats for this. Follow the article to learn more about how to fly in Garry’s Mod.

Garry’s Mod flying ability

In fact, the flying ability of your character can be performed simply. In the current version of the game, the ability to fly is completed using the "V" key button. It works in both multiplayer and single-player modes. This cool thing in Garry's Mod is called "No-Clip Mode". When it's enabled you can fly through objects, buildings or anything else. To fly faster, just press and hold the SHIFT button. To slow down, use CTRL. Jumps are performed by SPACE button.

Garry’s Mod game errors

Most often, users do not have any problems with flights because controlling is done by one single key button. But sometimes the problem may be caused by poor connection to the server. To solve it, you need to enter "box_noclip 1". If it doesn't help, restart the game and try again.

Sometimes the problems may occur due to installed mods and add-ons. Also, errors can appear on particular servers. Some developers remove flights intentionally so that gamers cannot pass through difficult areas. In all other cases, you just need to press a key and control the character.

Settings open the possibility of editing various game processes, including: commands, buttons or other features. In the settings menu of the game, you can customize the key button and select another one if needed.

We hope that you found our article useful. Please, let us know if something is missed!

Now, go and try the flying ability of your character and enjoy the game!