How To Fix Missing Textures in Garry’s Mod

If you have problems with Garry’s Mod and see the purple/black checked space instead of the texture around, then this article was written exactly for you! Read this to get simple solvation on how to fix missing textures in Garry’s Mod.

Causes of textures error

The textures themselves, of course, are not emo-coloured. Garry’s Mod loads the missing files from other games, and since the mod does not find the necessary files, a black and purple strange mix appears on your screen. To fix that, we have two ways that will make the game great again. You can install one of those games like Counter-Strike: Source, Portal or Half-Life 2, so the Garry’s Mod will take the missing textures from them. Or, you can just find and download the missing files and drop them into the game folder manually.

But what if you have already one of those games but the error still appears? Read the next paragraph to get the guide and we will help you to solve the problem.

How to remove Error textures in Garry’s Mod

Search the Web to get needed textures set. Luckily, a lot of players and creators make dozens of content for Garry’s Mod. We recommend you to get CSS textures pack because it is the most suitable one for the Garry’s Mod. Once you found and downloaded the required texture set, you can proceed to install them into your game:

  • Log In to your Steam account and find Garry’s Mod;

  • Right-click and select “Properties”;

  • Go to the "Local Files" tab and click "Browse local files";

  • Go to the “garrysmod” folder and open the addons folder;

In this folder, you should extract the contents of the downloaded CSS texture archive.

  • Now go back to the “garrysmod” folder, open the “cfg” folder and open mount.cfg with Notepad or any other editor;

  • Delete two slashes before the “cstrike” caption and insert the path to the css folder;

  • Save the configuration, close the editor and now you can run Garry’s Mod.

Attention! Don’t forget that at the end of the line with the folder location address there is no slash "/".

So, that’s it! Congratulations on fixing the missing textures problem! Now, head to the game to check if everything was done properly and no errors occur. We are sure that everything will be okay.

Enjoy and have fun with Garry’s Mod!