Garry’s Mod Achievement Guide

Garry’s Mod is a physics sandbox game that doesn’t have any specific goals set. According to the developers, “we give you the tools, and leave you to play.”. The game is such a hit that its all-time rating is an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’. Garry’s Mod allows you to create your own contraptions and devices. Millions of players are playing this game and it will not be a waste for you to play it too.

One of the features, the “Workshop,” allows players to collaborate, create myriads of inventions and devices, and spread them in the workshop, where other players can download them for personal use. Within the DOZENS upon DOZENS of features and ways to enjoy yourself in Garry’s Mod, gaining ‘Achievements’ is one of the best ways to enjoy and gain satisfaction in the process.

Achievements List

Most of these Achievements need a lot of grinding and spending a lot of time in the game. Here is the complete list of Achievements in Garry’s Mod and how to acquire them!

  1. Play Singleplayer: As the name suggests, play a Single Player game!

  2. Play Multiplayer: Similar to Play Single player, but you play in a Multi-Player game

  3. Play Around: Play in a not-sandbox map.

  4. Bad Coder: Get 500 Lua errors in programming.

  5. Map Loader: Play in twenty different maps

  6. Procreator: Spawn a thousand NPCs

  7. One Day: Spend a total of a day in the game.

  8. Secret Phrase: Input the secret phrase.

  9. Ball Eater: Eat two hundred balls.

  10. Half Marathon: Spend 4 hours inside the game.

  11. War Zone: Eliminate a thousand baddies

  12. Popper: Pop a thousand balloons!

  13. Bad Friend: Eliminate a thousand good NPCs

  14. Innocent Bystander: Slaughter 1000 animals.

  15. Marathon: Spend 8 hours inside the game.

  16. One Week: Spend a total of 1 week in the game.

  17. Creator: Spawn five thousand props.

  18. Doll House: Spawn two thousand rag dolls

  19. Friendly: Play with ten of your friends!

  20. Yes, I am the real Garry: Be on the exact same server with the real Garry.

  21. Destroyer: Remove five thousand things.

  22. Menu User: Open your menu for a whopping 100,000 times.

  23. Addict: Spend a total of a year in the game.

  24. One Month: Spend a total of a month in the game.

  25. Startup Millennium: Start up the game for the thousandth time.

  26. Mega Upload: Have one of your uploads reach 1000 thumbs ups.

  27. 10 Likes: Your uploads reach 10 thumbs

  28. 100 Likes: The uploads reach a hundred.

  29. 1000 Likes: Your uploads get a thousand thumbs.

How to get these Achievements easily!

Some of these Achievements are very hard to acquire, like Startup Millennium and Menu User. One is even really vague, namely, the Secret Phrase Achievement. This is the how-to of acquiring these special Achievements, including how to get the Secret Phrase Achievement in Garry’s mod. The highlighted Achievements should be your focus to get the others since most of the Achievements are just derivatives, this is an easy way of acquiring them.

Secret Phrase

The Secret Phrase Achievement is one of the easiest Achievements, well, if you know what the phrase is. You may ask ‘What is the secret phrase for the Garry's Mod Achievement?’. Well, simply, in any map or server, press “Y” on your keyboard to toggle the chat. Input ‘Bloxwich’ and you’ll be able to get the Achievement.

Map Loader

Follow this Achievement and play on different maps, single player, multiplayer with your friends, or mission maps. This will also get you the Play Singleplayer, Play Multiplayer, Friendly, and Play Around Achievements.


Spawn a thousand NPCs, and they kill them. This will enable you to get both the Procreator Achievement and the Bad Friend, War Zone, or Innocent Bystander Achievements. It is advisable to only spawn around 200 entities at once to avoid clogging up the server and then using explosives to kill each and every one of them.


Since rag dolls are considered as props, you could also achieve the Doll House Achievement while grinding the Creator Achievement. After creating, make sure that you’ll also destroy the props so that you could achieve the Destroyer Achievement as well. Remember not to place too many props as it could clog up the server and slow down your computer.


If you’re really devoted to the game and into gaining these Achievements, then aim for the ‘Addict’ Achievement. While you are striving or this Achievement, you will naturally get the Half a Marathon, Marathon, One Day, One Week, and One Month Achievements.

Mega Upload

Similar to Addict, Once you get the Mega Upload Achievement, then that means you have acquired all of its derivative Achievements already, the 10, 100, and 1000 Likes Achievements.

Have Fun!

Some of the Achievements can’t be generalized, and it will take you quite a lot of grinding to finish them, including the Menu User, Bad Coder, and Startup Millennium Achievements. So just have fun and play while getting all of the other achievements! Make sure not to spawn too many objects or entities in your map, or it risks your game crashing.

For the Ball Eater Achievement, simply spawn balls and press “E” on your keyboard to eat them. Rinse and Repeat. For the Popper Achievement, on the other hand, spawn around 300 balloons and pop them by making them explode with some bombs or dynamite.

Remember that the best achievement in playing a game is to have fun. Explore the different maps created by the hundreds of thousands of users and enjoy the different worlds! Be a detective or a soldier, a creator or a destroyer. With cheat codes, you can even be a God. If you are only interested and haven’t downloaded Garry’s Mod yet, you should download it now as it is disputably, one of the best physics sandbox game on the market.