Garry’s Mod Achievement Guide Garry’s Mod is a physics sandbox game that doesn’t have any specific goals set. According to the developers, “we give you the tools, and leave you to play.”. The game is such a hit that its all-time rating is an ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’. Garry’s Mod allows you to create your own contraptions and devices. Millions of players are playing this game and it will not be a waste for you to play it too. One of the features, the “Workshop,” allows players to collaborate, create myriads of inventions and devices, and spread them in the workshop, where other players can download them for personal use. Within the DOZENS upon DOZENS of features and ways to enjoy yourself in Garry’s Mod, gaining ‘Achievements’ is one of the best ways to enjoy and gain satisfaction in the process. Achievements List Most of these Achievements need a lot of grinding and spending a lot of time in the game. Here is the complete list of Achievements in Garry’s Mod and how to acquire them! Play Singleplayer: As the name suggests, play a Single Player game! Play Multiplayer: Similar to Play Single player, but you play in a Multi-Player game Play Around: Play in a not-sandbox map. Bad Coder: Get 500 Lua errors in programming. Map Loader: Play in twenty different maps Procreator: Spawn a thousand NPCs One Day: Spend a total of a day in the game. Secret Phrase: Input the secret phrase. Ball Eater: Eat two hundred balls. Half Marathon: Spend 4 hours inside the game. War Zone: Eliminate a thousand baddies Popper: Pop a thousand balloons! Bad Friend: Eliminate a thousand good NPCs Innocent Bystander: Slaughter 1000 animals. Marathon: Spend 8 hours inside the game. One Week: Spend a total of 1 week in the game. Creator: Spawn five thousand props. Doll House: Spawn two thousand rag dolls Friendly: Play with ten of your friends! Yes, I am the real Garry: Be on the exact same server with the real Garry. Destroyer: Remove five thousand things. Menu User: Open your menu for a whopping 100,000 times. Addict: Spend a total of a year in the game. One Month: Spend a total of a month in the game. Startup Millennium: Start up the game for the thousandth time. Mega Upload: Have one of your uploads reach 1000 thumbs ups. 10 Likes: Your uploads reach 10 thumbs 100 Likes: The uploads reach a hundred. 1000 Likes: Your uploads get a thousand thumbs. How to get these Achievements easily! Some of these Achievements are very hard to acquire, like Startup Millennium and Menu User. One is even really vague, namely, the Secret Phrase Achievement. This is the how-to of acquiring these special Achievements, including how to get the Secret Phrase Achievement in Garry’s mod. The highlighted Achievements should be your focus to get the others since most of the Achievements are just derivatives, this is an easy way of acquiring them. Secret Phrase The Secret Phrase Achievement is one of the easiest Achievements, well, if you know what the phrase is. You may ask ‘What is the secret phrase for the Garry's Mod Achievement?’. Well, simply, in any map or server, press “Y” on your keyboard to toggle the chat. Input ‘Bloxwich’ and you’ll be able to get the Achievement. Map Loader Follow this Achievement and play on different maps, single player, multiplayer with your friends, or mission maps. This will also get you the Play Singleplayer, Play Multiplayer, Friendly, and Play Around Achievements. Procreator Spawn a thousand NPCs, and they kill them. This will enable you to get both the Procreator Achievement and the Bad Friend, War Zone, or Innocent Bystander Achievements. It is advisable to only spawn around 200 entities at once to avoid clogging up the server and then using explosives to kill each and every one of them. Creator Since rag dolls are considered as props, you could also achieve the Doll House Achievement while grinding the Creator Achievement. After creating, make sure that you’ll also destroy the props so that you could achieve the Destroyer Achievement as well. Remember not to place too many props as it could clog up the server and slow down your computer. Addict If you’re really devoted to the game and into gaining these Achievements, then aim for the ‘Addict’ Achievement. While you are striving or this Achievement, you will naturally get the Half a Marathon, Marathon, One Day, One Week, and One Month Achievements. Mega Upload Similar to Addict, Once you get the Mega Upload Achievement, then that means you have acquired all of its derivative Achievements already, the 10, 100, and 1000 Likes Achievements. Have Fun! Some of the Achievements can’t be generalized, and it will take you quite a lot of grinding to finish them, including the Menu User, Bad Coder, and Startup Millennium Achievements. So just have fun and play while getting all of the other achievements! Make sure not to spawn too many objects or entities in your map, or it risks your game crashing. For the Ball Eater Achievement, simply spawn balls and press “E” on your keyboard to eat them. Rinse and Repeat. For the Popper Achievement, on the other hand, spawn around 300 balloons and pop them by making them explode with some bombs or dynamite. Remember that the best achievement in playing a game is to have fun. Explore the different maps created by the hundreds of thousands of users and enjoy the different worlds! Be a detective or a soldier, a creator or a destroyer. With cheat codes, you can even be a God. If you are only interested and haven’t downloaded Garry’s Mod yet, you should download it now as it is disputably, one of the best physics sandbox game on the market.   Continue Reading How to uninstall all GMod addons: a step by step guide The GMod addons can take too much place and cause multiple errors. Most players have already complained about Garry’s Mod lags and glitches. Though, in this article, we’d like to help you to fix your game by deleting unnecessary addon content. How to delete Garry's Mod addons There are several ways to get rid of unnecessary addons. You can use the Steam workshop and unsubscribe from each of them or just use the console command. We will give you 2 most used by players methods. The difference is in the number of installed GMod addons. The first method includes entering the command: This particular method is suitable for those who don’t have more than 30 addons. To unsubscribe from the addons you have to: Get a Chrome Browser; Log In to your Steam account; Open the Subscribed Files page on the Workshop; Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the option to show 30 files at a time; Press Ctrl + Shift + J at the same time to open up the Console; Press and hold Ctrl + V and paste this code into the Console: (function(){jQuery('.btn_grey_black').map(function(){})})() Press Enter to complete. You can use this method several times to delete all addons if you have more than 30. The second method includes this algorithm: Open up the Subscribed Files page on Steam; Press F12 and select the Console tab; Copy this script jQuery("[id^='UnsubscribeItemBtn']").children().trigger('click'); setTimeout(function(){location.reload();},500); and paste it into the console tab; Finally press Enter.  The items will be unsubscribed and the page will reload. Some users also recommend delete the addons folder from your computer. But, this method doesn’t work properly. Once you are connected to the to the network all additional materials will come back again. Hope we helped you to solve your problem. If you know other methods of how to delete all GMods addons, feel free to write it below.   Continue Reading How To Fix Missing Textures in Garry’s Mod If you have problems with Garry’s Mod and see the purple/black checked space instead of the texture around, then this article was written exactly for you! Read this to get simple solvation on how to fix missing textures in Garry’s Mod. Causes of textures error The textures themselves, of course, are not emo-coloured. Garry’s Mod loads the missing files from other games, and since the mod does not find the necessary files, a black and purple strange mix appears on your screen. To fix that, we have two ways that will make the game great again. You can install one of those games like Counter-Strike: Source, Portal or Half-Life 2, so the Garry’s Mod will take the missing textures from them. Or, you can just find and download the missing files and drop them into the game folder manually. But what if you have already one of those games but the error still appears? Read the next paragraph to get the guide and we will help you to solve the problem. How to remove Error textures in Garry’s Mod Search the Web to get needed textures set. Luckily, a lot of players and creators make dozens of content for Garry’s Mod. We recommend you to get CSS textures pack because it is the most suitable one for the Garry’s Mod. Once you found and downloaded the required texture set, you can proceed to install them into your game: Log In to your Steam account and find Garry’s Mod; Right-click and select “Properties”; Go to the "Local Files" tab and click "Browse local files"; Go to the “garrysmod” folder and open the addons folder; In this folder, you should extract the contents of the downloaded CSS texture archive. Now go back to the “garrysmod” folder, open the “cfg” folder and open mount.cfg with Notepad or any other editor; Delete two slashes before the “cstrike” caption and insert the path to the css folder; Save the configuration, close the editor and now you can run Garry’s Mod. Attention! Don’t forget that at the end of the line with the folder location address there is no slash "/". So, that’s it! Congratulations on fixing the missing textures problem! Now, head to the game to check if everything was done properly and no errors occur. We are sure that everything will be okay. Enjoy and have fun with Garry’s Mod!   Continue Reading How to make a Garry's Mod map Many gamers want to learn how to make maps for Garry’s Mod, but they do not know where to look for lessons, tutorials and guides. Luckily you found our article about Garry’s Mod map creating. So, don’t retard and head straight to our simple guide on how to create a map in Garry’s Mod! Garry’s Mod map creating guide Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game, so it requires the Steam source engine to run properly. In order to make a map, you need to download and install the source SDK from Steam. The source SDK for GMod gives you all of the tools necessary for building your first own map. So, to start creating you will need: A Steam account with purchased Garry’s Mod game; Source SDK; Hammer map editor. Now, when you have the needed software, follow this algorithm: Double-click on the Steam icon to open it; Find and click the "Tools" tab; Double-click on "Source SDK" and then "Garry's Mod" This will open up the Hammer Map Editor. Click on "File" and then "New" to start a new map. The screen of your PC will be divided into four parts: side view, top view, front view and code view. Now look at the toolbox located on the left-hand side and get familiar with the offered tools. The Selection Tool lets you select different objects to place on your map. The Magnify Tool is needed to zoom in and out of an object after selecting it. If you want a more realistic view, then click on the "Camera Tool" to change the camera to a 3D perspective. Use the "Entity Tool" to place objects on your map; Click on the "Creation Tool" if you want to add the original elements to your map. After you have created elements on your map, use the "Texture Application Tool" to add textures and customize your map elements. To do this, you have to click on the "Box Tool" and now you can choose a texture from the right-hand property window. After you found the neede texture, draw the elements of your map. These elements can be customized simply by clicking and dragging your mouse button. Use textures to your rooms, doorways, walls, floors and ceilings that are on your map. Choose the required textures before adding the windows and doors. Add design elements to your Garry’s Mod map. Use right-click on different objects on your map and then click on the "Properties" tab. You can change the colour of the object by clicking on "Brightness." Change other settings and customize everything in the "Properties" window as much as you need to make the map in your particular way. To launch and test the new game map, click on "File" and then "Run Map" to run your map. Click "OK" in the pop-up window to enable your map to be used in your GMod game.   Continue Reading How to fly in Garry's Mod Ever wanted to go and fly around in the Garry’s Mod? You can do this really easy! Garry’s Mod game developers do care about their players, so they put the flying possibility to a separate key. You don’t even need to activate cheats for this. Follow the article to learn more about how to fly in Garry’s Mod. Garry’s Mod flying ability In fact, the flying ability of your character can be performed simply. In the current version of the game, the ability to fly is completed using the "V" key button. It works in both multiplayer and single-player modes. This cool thing in Garry's Mod is called "No-Clip Mode". When it's enabled you can fly through objects, buildings or anything else. To fly faster, just press and hold the SHIFT button. To slow down, use CTRL. Jumps are performed by SPACE button. Garry’s Mod game errors Most often, users do not have any problems with flights because controlling is done by one single key button. But sometimes the problem may be caused by poor connection to the server. To solve it, you need to enter "box_noclip 1". If it doesn't help, restart the game and try again. Sometimes the problems may occur due to installed mods and add-ons. Also, errors can appear on particular servers. Some developers remove flights intentionally so that gamers cannot pass through difficult areas. In all other cases, you just need to press a key and control the character. Settings open the possibility of editing various game processes, including: commands, buttons or other features. In the settings menu of the game, you can customize the key button and select another one if needed. We hope that you found our article useful. Please, let us know if something is missed! Now, go and try the flying ability of your character and enjoy the game!   Continue Reading How to create a Garry's Mod server Creating and setting up a server in the Garry’s Mod can be a daunting task for the average gamer. Especially if the user does it for the first time. This process has many details and should be done accurately. Therefore, many people are interested in how to create a server in Garry’s Mod game. Read this article to get a guide through creating your first server for Garry’s Mod. Select server mode Before creating a server, you need to choose which type of server you want to make. You can think up the mode yourself by combining plug-ins and settings, but it is easier to use already existing. DarkRP. One of the most popular modes where you can choose to be a gangster or a policeman; SandBox. A typical mode in which you can shoot/build with friends and just hang out; Murder. A mode in which ordinary people will have to hide from the paws of a maniac. The detectives are here to help the citizens but each resident has a chance to collect 5 clues and get a gun for self-defence; StarWarsRP. A DarkRP clone, but in Star Wars universe; TTT. This mod is based on the classic mafia relations: Innocents vs. Traitors. The goal of the innocent is to survive, the goal of the Traitors is to kill everyone, and the Detectives to investigate the case. Here, everything goes according to the laws of various detective books or movies. Getting started For correct operation of the server, you will need to purchase hosting. The platform can also be launched on a personal computer, but this is not recommended even by developers since many people will not fit on the server and errors will constantly occur. Hosting services can be found on the Internet. However, for several games, a regular PC or laptop is also suitable. The main thing is a stable Internet connection and performance. What is needed to create? First of all, a person needs a computer on a Linux or Windows operating system. You can use both 64 and 32-bit OS versions. Before you create a server in the Garry’s Mod, make sure that your operating system is working without errors. Now, you will need: A Steam account. Log In if you have one already or register and purchase the Garry’s Mod; PuTTY (For Linux OS). PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application. This is necessary to get access to the server; WinSCP. The program makes it easy to edit and transfer various files to the site. All these tools you can find and download on the Internet. Installing the Garry’s Mod server Before creating a server in the game, you have to download the SteamCMD utility. You can get it easily from the official Valve website. After downloading, you should unzip the archive. Once it’s done, follow the creating algorithm. The algorithm for creating and installing a server: Find the folder with the utility, press the Shift key and click the right mouse button; In the appeared menu window click on "Open command menu". A black window with one line will appear. Here you should enter “steamcmd”; After that, you must enter the command codes. The very first one is “login anonymous”. The second is “force_instl_dirr”, and the path to the server. The third is “app_updt 4020 valid”. Remember that you can not put spaces starting from the second code. If everything was done right, the server will start loading. At the very end, you will need to enter the quit command. Done! Now you have a clean Garry's Mod server in your C:\garrysmod folder. Before you add extra content and start playing, you should personalize your server a little by editing the configurations. This can be done either through the built-in console text editor like Nano or by using FileZilla. So, this is how you create your own game server. The process is simple, so we believe you wouldn’t have any problems. Enjoy the game with your friends!   Continue Reading