About us

There are two types of people. Some grow up, and some (like us) never do. Some see a drawn hat and never know what else it can be because they don’t remember it from The Little Prince; and others draw these elephants in pythons. Some use Android as it is, even in 2018; some jailbreak their iPhones and dig in, even in 2018.

Well, you see. Some just play games (if they ever find it acceptable for a grown-up), some disassemble them to see what’s inside. So, while adults play Half-Life 2 to shoot their stress away, children get inside with Garry’s Mod. Garry Newman (not to be confused with Gary Numan, the singer) has eventually developed his mod to the full game. And this sandbox was popular even before Minecraft!

What’s been created as a funny sandbox has become an obsession for some. The game utilizes the popular Source engine as a base for Garry’s Mod Source, so, if you have at least one Havok-based game by Valve, you can disassemble it with Garry’s Mod.

So, what do we get with this modified engine?

  • All the content from Source-based games you have installed. You’ve never had its combined weaponry together; now you can!

  • Any location you’d like to enter. Virtually anywhere!

  • Physics Gun and Tool Gun to rearrange the scenes and make it what you like

  • Infinite crossovers to create. How about mixing Counter-Strike, Dystopia, and Left 4 Dead? In GMod, elements of any Source games can be combined!

  • Endless space for your creativity. GMod is the game you can create your own games upon!

  • Exchange the toys you make. Since the game is offered by Steam, users can share the content you create in Steam Workshop.

It’s a great place to tell our own stories, arrange impossible meetings, embody any extravaganza you can imagine. Garry’s Mod is a toy meant for disassembling; all for your curiosity and creativity!